Xbmc library not updating mysql dating romance boston

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I’m guessing the gurus on that xbmc forum mainly stick to the developers section which I can’t post my question in.I should point out that my thumbnails are actually stored locally on each machine.My xbmc boxes can use a SQL server to sync library instead of updating each box to show new content. Can the My Cloud run an SQL server to just host these two databases natively, or is this something that would require me voiding my warranty and installing it though other means.

I am really at a loss here as to why this is not working.Once you add the source XBMC will ask if you want to “Refesh” all the items for that source, select “Yes”.Now all your files will be added to the XBMC library and it will scrap the metadata, thumbs, backdrops, etc.The only thing I have done is use SQL to keep each box updated.Since I’m using Frodo, each client does it’s own Thumbnail caching and nothing but the SQL database is stored on the NAS.

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