Who was the married man fantasia is dating

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Editor in Chief: Maria Stabile | Maria in ten years has propelled LALATE to become a leading news authority in sports, entertainment, and national news, LALATE has been cited in countless international newspapers (including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and LA Times), international television news broadcasts including ABC News, books including The Iraq War: Origins and Consequences, tv programs including MTV News, and magazines.The situation came to a head in the spring of 2010 during the divorce trial of her then-boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, with allegations and accusations of home-wrecking, pregnancy and sex tapes. 9, 2010, when Fantasia attempted suicide by downing a bottle of aspirin. Her personal rebuilding began when she ­channeled that pain into her first Grammy-winning song, “Bittersweet” in 2011, but that was just the start of the healing process.Daily affirmations posted on her mirror — “You are strong,” “You are wise” — and a copy of self-help bible The Power of Now keep her grounded today.In a statement released yesterday, her reps now state “[Fantasia and Antwaun] dated on and off for about eleven months. Cook when he told her he was not happy in his marriage and his heart was not in it. Cook separated in the late summer of 2009.” Paula Cook doesn’t paint Barrino in a good light; nor does Cook in her filed divorce papers portray Barrino as the victim. For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.Paula Cook claims that Barrino allegedly told her about Antwaun “He don’t want you. The fact that she would seek such publicity in a case involving her children is particularly disgraceful.” Barrino says Cook’s claims are false; Barrino doesn’t state which claims she believes are untrue.

But has she been honest about the Antwaun Cook story?

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According to the singer she knew that Kendall, whom she met at a nightclub, was the one for her after he prayed for her.

She also revealed that they were celibate until their wedding night.“Everything changed when I met him,” she says.

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