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The sizable overheads required to maintain his beautiful Savile Row flagship store may take too much effort to allow for the dreams of global expansion.

Finding such a backer, and all the more so in the UK, is the stuff of dreams. Yet, all the same, Boateng’s achievement is undeniable.

In some respects, Boateng is right back where he started – with his own shop on Savile Row, something the 49-year-old had at the still young age of 28. Indeed, while the promise – or, more so, his promise – has not been realised to date, Boateng undoubtedly has much to be proud of.

Two years ago, for example, ‘GQ’ voted Boateng the worst dressed man of 2014.

That, to emphasise, is the very worst dressed – more so than George Galloway, Brian Cox or Nigel Farage, who also featured on the magazine’s list that year. One might say that Ozwald Boateng is simply ambitious. Yet critics have pointed out that Boateng has a history of suggesting that world dominance is just around the corner, each failure delivering yet another blow to that precious image.

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