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Place the pan on top of a cookie sheet and slide it into the oven. Make the hazelnut mousse: soak the toasted skinned hazelnuts in the coconut milk for about 20 minutes–just to soften them slightly and to perfume the milk a bit.Once they’re ready, pour the whole mess of it into your blender or food processor.

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Once it’s all melted and smooth, add it to the dry wet ingredients.I’m pretty jazzed on chocolate and hazelnut together in almost anything, so I started with an incredibly dense brownie base and layered it up from there with a hazelnut mousse-ish cream and coconut whip.The date caramel has a tiny pinch of tang from some fresh lemon and I find it really makes all the flavours work together instead of the whole thing just being this overly rich experience.A hearty pile of toasty chopped hazelnuts on top and all’s good. chocolate hazelnut torte w/ salty date caramel coconut cream serves: makes one 9 inch torte/cake notes: I give the mousse brownie/cake base a full 24 hour wrap-and-chill time.I figured the longer the setting time, the less possibility of heartbreak from a runny mousse or too-warm-in-the-middle cake.

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