Who is josie maran dating

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Josie Maran is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur.

She was born on May 8, 1978 in Menlo Park, California, United States.

Recently, Josie began her transition from modeling to acting by starring in the lead role of an independent film titled, The Mallory Effect (2002).

I'm usually a mellow, go-with-the-flow person, except when someone tells me I should do something. If they don't back off, I get this horrible rage and want to kill them. My friends told me, `You know, guys are going to come to talk about their wives, but then they're going to want to sleep with you.' I figured I'd just wear a bag over my head. I only date really good looking, well-endowed guys, with great bodies.

Shortly before the preview of her movie In the film, the actress plays the role of Sonia Clifton, a married veterinarian, who wants to have a child.This was the foundation that led toward her professional career. After an appearance in a Backstreet Boys music video, the growing attention focused on her skyrocketed.Some of her earlier works included American Eagle Outfitters, Allen Allen and Mango.Josie Bissett was married to her thenco-star Rob Estes in 1992.The couple first met while auditioning for a TV movie and after a yearlong dating, the couple swapped their vows and got married.

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