Who is gina gershon dating 2016

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Background: "As an actress, I have one rule for myself; F*** the rules." Gina Gershon Exotic actress Gina Gershon is widely recognized for playing strip dancing queen Cristal Connors in Paul Verhoeven' Showgirls (1995) and costarring as Jennifer Tilly's ex-con, lesbian lover in the Wachowski brother's Bound (1996).

In 1986, she made her feature film debut in Howard Deutch's classic 1980s teen film Pretty in Pink (starring Molly Ringwald and Andrew Mc Carthy) and followed it up with appearances in Larry Gross' (starring Adam Baldwin) and the CBS crime movie Stark: Mirror Image.

As she is so stunning and popular, she might have been through lots of dates and breakups but there is no any exact information in this regard.

held at the Ennis House on Thursday afternoon (February 25) in Los Angeles.

She has started to stack up the credits, each one featuring her doing dirty, filthy, perverted acts with a gleam in her eye and a cute smile on her face.

Her tight, tiny, round ass gets stretched out and worked in dozens of her movies—she may play a teen on the screen, but only an experienced gal can take such hard anal poundings and double penetrations.

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