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Display filters let you compare the fields within a protocol against a specific value, compare fields against fields, and check the existence of specified fields or protocols.Filters are also used by other features such as statistics generation and packet list colorization (the latter is only available to Wireshark).``not eq'' can be thought of as ``there does not exist an equal to''.

In a display filter expression testing the value of a Boolean field, ``true'' is expressed as 1 or any other non-zero value, and ``false'' is expressed as zero.

a11auth.subtype Gen Auth Ext Sub Type Unsigned 8-bit integer Mobile Auth Extension Sub Type.

a11canid CANID Byte array CANID a11code Reply Code Unsigned 8-bit integer PDSN Code.

If you want to see all packets which contain the field, use ``tr.rif''.

Think of a protocol or field in a filter as implicitly having the ``exists'' operator.

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