Virus email updating my address book

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As an extra security measure, also change the passwords for any sites that story your credit card information, like your Nextlix, Amazon and credit card company.For accounts that require security questions, change those as well.If you are still experiencing problems, contact us to reset your email.

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They want to separate you from your money and that means that they'll try to install keyloggers to get your passwords and other malware.And if the questions are generic, like what's your mother's maiden name, lie when answering and record those answers in your password manager.If you want to be extra careful, use a password generator to create a nonsense answer.For example, “I go to the gym in the morning” turns into “Ig2t GYMitm” using the first letter of each word in the sentence, mixing uppercase and lowercase letters and replacing the word “to” with “2.” Don't just change your email password.Also change the passwords of any accounts that share the same password as your hacked email account and even those that are variation of that password.

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