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There are also many sex mods, which are tricky to install, but along with a mod that adds Oculus Rift or Vive VR support, you should be able to create many sex scenes.The sample video above shows something done using Skyrim and then edited.Unfortunately it seems to be using last year’s technology, and although much better than those in Second Life, the models don’t compare with those being developed today in the most cutting edge VR sex game projects.Still, it’s a fun world to explore and see what’s possible now, and imagine what the next generations of games will look like when high quality models are used. viewkey=ph5794b9e3346e0 OSex – Best Sex Mod VR Skyrim is a very popular AAA quality video game, with thousands of mods that vastly improve the quality.

And of course, this is also, by far, the most difficult part, which is why so few developers have succeeded.From the video we can see that it’s a bit clunky and lacks the realism or detail of the Japanese VR sex games from Illusion.The movements of the characters are very mechanical and they have little to no expressions.Hopefully they’ll improve this to make the girls interesting to look at. v=FPrp V-72Fns Website: Patreon: Like Beach House X, Club Vixxxen has a lot of work put into it, for a lackluster result.This is mainly because the girls look like robots, without any LIFE to them.

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