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Luckily Virgo is a mutable sign which makes a Virgo man adaptable and imaginative.

Although Virgos are known for being overly critical, they are good at molding around the spirit and needs of their partner.

Try to feel comfortable enough to lose control now and then, as letting off steam is what you both need.

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Not only will he listen, but he will appreciate your honesty.

Both of you thrive in an elegant, intellectually inspired relationship that is balanced, equal and mutually respectful.

Libra loves ideas, and order which is equally important to Virgo who also loves the same kind of beauty and enduring quality that appeals to Libra.

When Virgo and Libra find a way to bring out the best in other you can enjoy a powerful and productive bond together.

Libra is a cardinal sign and this makes you enterprising, ambitious and sometimes domineering.

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