Updating xmltype

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These functions are covered in detail in the other sections of this appendix.If you have legacy code that uses these functions, Oracle recommends that you migrate that code to use XQuery Update.Note that there is no Oracle-specific equivalent for the XQuery Update constructs Prior to their deprecation, you used the following Oracle SQL functions to update XML data incrementally — that is, to replace, insert, or delete XML data without replacing the entire surrounding XML document.This is also called to insert or delete XML data by replacing a parent node in its entirety.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p" RETURNING CONTENT) AS VARCHAR2(30)) name, XMLQuery('$p/Purchase Order/Line Items' PASSING po.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p" RETURNING CONTENT) lineitems FROM purchaseorder po WHERE XMLExists('$p/Purchase Order[Reference="SBELL-2002100912333601PDT"]' PASSING po.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p"); NAME LINEITEMS ---------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sarah J.

OBJECT_VALUE AS "p"); PART ---- tables and columns that are stored object-relationally or as binary XML.

For object-relational storage, if particular conditions are met, then the function call can be rewritten to update the object-relational columns directly with the values.

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