Updating virtual devices daemon

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For example, Io T Edge security daemon currently uses this interface to access the Azure Io T Hub Device Provisioning Service (DPS) for device identity lifecycle management.

Io T Edge security daemon offers a management API, which is called by the Io T Edge agent when creating/starting/stopping/removing an edge module.

It is common for these types of realizations to update the daemon software through the hardware root of trust's secure update paths (as opposed to OS provided update mechanisms), which can be challenging depending on specific hardware and deployment scenario.

It is a significant portion of the trusted computing base of the Io T Edge device.

It does so by transitioning trust from underlying hardware root of trust hardware (if available) to securely bootstrap Io T Edge runtime and continue to monitor the integrity of its operations.

The Io T Edge security manager is software working along with secure silicon hardware (where available) to help deliver the highest security assurances possible.

This package is unlisted and hidden from package listings.

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