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RHEL trees are forked off the Fedora repository, and released after a substantial stabilization and quality assurance effort.For example, RHEL 6 was forked from Fedora at the end of 2009 (approximately at the time of the Fedora 12 release) and released more or less together with Fedora 14.Examples include community-supported distributions like Cent OS and Scientific Linux, and commercial forks like Oracle Linux.Developers need to register for the Red Hat Developer Program and agree to licensing terms forbidding production use.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is often abbreviated to RHEL.

The Fedora project provides the following explanation: Both Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are open source.

Fedora is a free distribution and community project and upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

By the time RHEL 6 was released, many features from Fedora 13 and 14 had already been backported into it.

The Fedora Project lists the following lineages for older Red Hat Enterprise releases: (Note about Fedora Core 1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3: Red Hat released Red Hat Linux 10 beta 1, then took two forks from that codebase to seed both Fedora Core 1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 beta releases.

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