Updating platform sun4u boot archive

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(If you arent using flash archives to install, then you'll also need to distribute out $DESTDIR/Solaris_10/Product somehow) It is indeed vexing that they name BOTH of the critical directories as "boot".

What you need to know, is the following translations, for your wanboot.conf: from the example at /etc/inet/wanboot.conf-sample.

It checks the "rules" file in /tmp/_install_config, finds a matching "profile",and does an install based on the information there.

With one crucial difference: They seem to have partially broken profile aquisition, on the wanboot side only.

There is no apparent config file for "wanboot.cgi" itself, that I have found.

But when they do NOT go fine, it is useful to have the following information, to attempt to figure out where things have gone wrong!

This page is a writeup to summarize the technical data flow behind the scenes, for Solaris WANBoot.

(As per my observations, not from any official spec). As such, I do not explain quite ALL things for a newbie user.

Wanboot is significantly different from prior methods of "jumpstart install" for Solaris, in many ways. You are expected to know a little bit about "traditional" jumpstart usage, such as how to put together a "rules" file, and a "sysidcfg" file.

Once you have done that, make sure to http-share out at minimum, $DESTDIR/boot, and $DESTDIR/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot.

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