Updating nforce motherboard drivers

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I was able to update my n Vidia n Force drivers without a problem, but when I tried to update my n Vidia graphics card drivers, this is the error message I got "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Now, this is very puzzling to me, because I have done this many times before.

So, I went back to the site, and tried to install an earlier version of drivers, and also got the same message. The only thing I can think of is, is that I uninstalled something I shouldn't have, but the directions on their site told me to do so. My system specs are: Windows XP Athlon XP 2500 Barton Asus a7n8x v2.0 deluxe motherboard (n Vidia n Force2 Ultra400) 512mb Corsair XMS pc3200 memory n Vidia Ge Force FX 5200 (Asus V9520 Magic) graphics card edit: I just ran a program called Everest on my computer, which gives you detailed specs about your PC, and I might of found something that may be useful, under chipset problems, it said "AGP is disabled.

Restart your computer and see if it fixed the problem.makai I would, if I could remember the exact version it was.

Now with Driver Matic, a PC can have up to date drivers automatically.I didn't build my computer, I had someone build it for me. I am pretty sure the guy is dead that built it, so I don't think I'll be able to ask him any time soon. Just keep tapping the delete key as the computer starts up... Once in bios, scan over the menus and look for AGP stuff.Somewhere in there you should be able to enable 8x. Open Display properties You need to enter bios to verify your AGP settings.Here is the full page of info under Computer Chipset: Field Value North Bridge Properties North Bridge n VIDIA n Force2 Ultra 400 (Crush18)Revision C1Package Type 840 Pin BGAIn-Order Queue Depth 8 Memory Controller Type Dual Channel (128-bit)Active Mode Single Channel (64-bit) Memory Timings CAS Latency (CL) 2TRAS To CAS Delay (t RCD) 3TRAS Precharge (t RP) 3TRAS Active Time (t RAS) 7TRow Cycle Time (t RC) 11TRow Refresh Cycle Time (t RFC) 12TCommand Rate (CR) 1TRAS To RAS Delay (t RRD) 2T Memory Slots DRAM Slot #1 512 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM) AGP Controller AGP Version 3.00AGP Status Disabled AGP Device Asus V9520 Magic/128AGP Aperture Size 64 MBSupported AGP Speeds 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x Current AGP Speed 4x Fast-Write Supported, Disabled Side Band Addressing Supported, Disabled Chipset Manufacturer Company Name NVIDIA Corporation Product Information Download Problems & Suggestions Problem AGP is disabled. Problem Current AGP speed is lower than maximum supported. A lot of users say they installed bios, video, and motherboard drivers and still see AGP disabled. AGP disabled seems to be common for your motherboard (google groups search "agp disabled A7N8x").This may cause performance penalty.edit: something must of not sat well with Windows Media Player after my update, because all of my movie files are distorted, I can see them, but they're very bright and the color is completely off. Do you have System Restore enabled on your computer? At least you could then check if this is really a driver problem. A lot of users say they installed bios, video, and motherboard drivers and still see AGP disabled.

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