Updating mysql version

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If you need to install an update, you can place a single MSU package in the local dependency path.

The script will fail if there's more than one MSU file in this location.

For help with migrating your data to Second Generation, see Migrating an instance to Second Generation.

Note: Second Generation is replacing First Generation; support for First Generation instances ends January 30, 2020.

Starting with the My SQL resource provider version release, updates are cumulative and do not need to be installed in the order in which they were released; as long as you're starting from version or later.

Disks can fail, bugs can happen, and if you've put a lot of time in setting up your library then you should play it safe.

To backup simply export the library using For Kodi to update the library from a previous version, you may need to make changes to your My SQL server.

If not, you will have to use the following command on your My SQL server: If you are worried about security then you can limit Kodi's access in My SQL once it has created the new video DB.

However, you will need to re-grant these privileges the next time you update Kodi.

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