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UPDATING YOUR DISTRO A very important job to do on a regular basis is to get the updates for your distro: Bugfixes and security updates.

As of November 2018, it's still missing some server software.

It's primarily a desktop-oriented distribution, but accepts server packages and progress has already been made on that front, including lighttpd, apache, and php-fpm.

You can download them on any machine connected to broadband and install them later on your own PC.

So, from now on, no more excuses for not being fully updated and bugfree .

Some distro´s need very few updates, others need long lists and large amounts of MB´s to keep them running smooth and safe.

updating kde mandrake-90

updating kde mandrake-87

An installer framework (called Horizon) is in the works.

( For Mandrake 9.2 Here For Mandrake 10 Here For Mandriva 2006 Here ) ( NOTE: The updates you do during install are only minimal, after the install you have to do a full update in the Mandrake Control Center ) Red Hat/Fedora: All you have to do is type "up2date" in a console or at a shell or click on that ever so annoying red exclamation mark next to the clock.

Debian: Also very simple open a console ¨su¨ root and type ¨apt-get update¨ and after that ¨apt-get upgrade¨ Slackware: Major security updates are announced on the front page of and changes are always being made to the "current" branch.

Basically meaning how in depth you would want to go into the process of installation.

For beginners it's useful to choose for a starting distro due to its various stages that can be very time consuming but beneficial as you learn the composition in general of Linux.

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