Updating direct draw

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Before the the upgrade/update everything was working fine, I was even able to watch at H264 DVB programs, even though it was sometimes a bit slow and using a lot of CPU.

But after the upgrade/update, my old bundled version of Power DVD, which never had any problem, started to complain about Direct Draw Overlay missing: In other apps like Prog DVB or Media Player Classic, VMR9 is not working anymore, it automatically switches back to the standard VMR.

If a particular program has trouble running on a computer with Optimus, open the Nvidia Control Panel, click "Manage 3D Settings" and select the program in the "Program Settings" tab.

Change the graphics processor to the opposite of its current setting to try running it with the alternate graphics hardware.

Even if the Direct X diagnostic reports no issues, try updating Direct X and your video drivers anyway, as it might solve the problem.

I had no problem during the installation of the drivers and never got any error nor warning message.For a test, I have also completly uninstalled the ATI drivers and ATI Tray Tools, deleted every ATI related file on the HDD and also deleted any ATI related key in the registry.After a reboot, and using the standard VGA driver, I still got the same error message in Graphedit when trying to load VMR9.I'm searching for a solution for over one month so any help is appreciated Line one hence line two. Spend a few days and save yet another month that at the end of which you have less hair and still have the same problem. I used to uninstall ATI drivers in Windows ME and 98SE manually.In other words you made a mistake not reinstalling in the first place. The ATI removal tool is pretty effective these days and I have not had to it manually with XP. In ME and 98 if I left the old inf files Windows would just reinstall on reboot before I could install the new drivers. It seems removing the ATI drivers in the Device Manager also removed the INF files.

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