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card/pay/.../amount in the Woo Commerce Instamojo Payment Gateway plugin 1.0.7 for Word Press allows Parameter Tampering in the sign parameter, as demonstrated by purchasing an item for lower than the intended price.

A Local File Inclusion vulnerability in the Nevma Adaptive Images plugin before 0.6.67 for Word Press allows remote attackers to retrieve arbitrary files via the $REQUEST['adaptive-images-settings']['source_file'] parameter in

The social-warfare plugin before 3.5.3 for Word Press has stored XSS via the wp-admin/admin-post.php?

swp_debug=load_options swp_url parameter, as exploited in the wild in March 2019.

This occurs because CSRF protection is mishandled, and because Search Engine Optimization of A elements is performed incorrectly, leading to XSS.

The XSS results in administrative access, which allows arbitrary changes to files.

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