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One such three month amnesty program in 2007 benefited 110,000 illegal Indian migrants, all of whom were either legally reabsorbed into the UAE workforce or allowed to return to India without sanctions or imprisonment.In addition to employment-based migrants from India, many Indian entrepreneurs in the UAE have established successful national franchises, the notable ones such as Lulu Hypermarkets, Landmark Group Jashanmal, Ajmal Perfumes, Amber Packaging Industries, Jumbo Electronics, Choithram's, Varkey Group, Alukkas and New Medical Centre.This is the result of the UAE’s positive attitudes and support for peace and stability worldwide,” Gargash tweeted.“We have made our great friendships by virtue of our transparency and our positions.Most of the shopkeepers were from the state of Kerala, or were Indian Arabs, descendants of Arabs who had previously emigrated to India.It was also in the late 1960s that the Hindu Temple and first Indian schools were built for expatriate Indian families.In addition, over 300,000 undocumented migrants, many of whom are Indian, are said to be living in the UAE. E imposed sanctions against undocumented migrants and their employers.Undocumented migrants, if caught, are jailed and then deported to their home countries. The UAE government offers amnesty programmes where foreign undocumented workers can voluntarily leave the country without facing imprisonment or having to pay fines.

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“The UAE received great support following the deliberate sabotage of four vessels in our territorial waters.The investigation is underway and running professionally, and everything will come to light and we’ll uncover all facts.” Underlying the regional risk, the GCC secretary-general described the sabotage as a “serious escalation” in an overnight statement.“Such irresponsible acts will increase tension and conflicts in the region and expose its peoples to great danger,” Abdul Lateef Al Zayani said.In the 2.8 million migrants, 1 million are from Kerala and 450,000 from Tamil Nadu, form the majority in Indian community living in UAE.By 1999, the population of Indian migrants in the UAE, which stood at 170,000 in 1975, was at 750,000.

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