Tenchi muyo dating sim

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For yourself: Energy Drink (3000 yen) - reduces fatigue by 20 - increases physical strength by 20 Study Book (3000 yen) - increases scholarship by 10 Art Book (3000 yen) - increases art by 10 Adult Magazine (3000 yen) - increases passion by 5 - reduces fatigue by 20 For girlfriend: Accessory (6000 yen) Cuddly Toy (6000 yen) Flowers (9000 yen) Unusual items: Rabbit pendant (500 yen) - increases appearance and art by 5 - give to Remi Misanga of passion (3000 yen) - increases passion by 20 Wisemans jeans (12000 yen) - increases passion, appearance, scholarship, physical strength, and art by 10.

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True Love '95 Guide v1.9 ======================== By Incinerator ([email protected]) COPYRIGHT 1999,2000,2001 PERMISSION NOT GRANTED FOR REPRINT EXCEPT FOR PERSONAL USE This IS NOT a walkthrough. * Mikae Morikawa and Remi Himekawa are opposites (ie: you could only get one but not the other in one run...

Note that this information was mainly ripped from the game and later tested. Previous revision uploaded late evening April 2, 2000 (first update of the year! Current revision uploaded late evening March 16, 2001 (first update of the year! Mayumi Kamijo * * one of the tougher characters to get in the game. * July 6: if doing FASHION at NIGHT, run in with Mayumi at the train station at night (almost mistake her for a hooker) * July 14 to July 16: it's raining. * [Chiemi.point difference if you say "masc" or "fem" during encounter in park. * you have to get ALL of Mayumi's plot, plus: * maintain a high scholarship * September 13 to September 18: PLEASURE at night. Anze * not too complicated to get but somewhat elusive.

However, due to complexity, it's extremely difficult to test every single possibility (hence, the high replay value). Turn down Mikae's offer to share her umbrella and Mayumi'll turn up and walk home with you. At the swim meet, no point diff between 'great body' or 'nice suit', although her reaction to nice suit is better. Tell her that you like her and that your opinion of her won't change if she were Sonoko Takahashi. She'll be drunk and take you back to her place after you get hurt. * to have her come back, you have to have HIGH passion (I usually kept it from 90-99.

First revision was completed early morning June 28, 1999. * July 17 to July 31: go out for PLEASURE or FASHION during the evening and you'll go on a date/meal with Mayumi. If you don't compliment her on jogging "10K", no further meetings. * September 13 to September 17: Run into Ryoko's brother during the morning. It's important to have it high by September 30 if it drops, though).

[if you set Remi's date on the 27th and forget Remi's date, you can still get Mikae. If you set it up on the 28th, she'll walk in on you and Mikae and Mikae's pts'll drop bigtime. * September 28: get together with Mikae during the evening (DON'T FORGET).

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