Teen dating oovoo

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Watch Together allows up to 11 people to watch the same You Tube video simultaneously, so now you won’t have to miss out on your significant other’s commentary about how that guy in the video was in that other thing you watched. With oo Voo’s Play It Again feature, you can record conversations with your loved one and enjoy them again at a later time.

We all lead busy lives and your free time isn’t always going to match up with when your significant other is available.

Developed alongside Intel, oo Voo’s Superclear™ technology aims to correct some of the negative effects of network loss and provide HD-quality video and audio clarity with minimal issues on both desktops and mobile devices.

“When you see a degraded video stream, a lot of what you see are issues with the network that don’t really have anything to do with video compression,” Chris said.

“There are so many subtle nuances in communication that happen only when you can see someone’s body language,” said Chris Wire, Chief Design Officer and Head of Product for Krush Technologies (oo Voo’s parent company).

“I think our product helps deliver on that promise of true face-to-face communication no matter where you are in the world.” Long-distance couples often use any form of communication short of carrier pigeons to stay connected.

Maybe your college girlfriend is a couple of years ahead of you and is accepted into a prestigious law school in another state.

Maybe you graduate together and you both receive internship offers that will take you to opposite sides of the country. Long-distance relationships may be a challenge, but they aren’t necessarily doomed to fail.

oo Vooo embraces their audience by making video chatting with fun features that appeal to younger men and women.When Chris tells many of his friends that he works on the video chatting app, many of them tell him they haven’t heard of it.“It’s a heavily millennial-dominated audience,” Chris said, adding that his friends aren’t exactly part of the key demographic.So when you’re really missing someone, you can use Play It Again to get as nostalgic as you want to be.While the ability to have high-quality group video chats is an excellent feature, its application in a dating context is limited.

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