Stop attack intimidating shout macro

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This addon provides a very much improved interface for macros.

Its special functions includes the following, and probably more: New Super Macro frame shows all 18 global and 18 character macros. Also see for user-friendly functions and slash commands that can be used in your macros.

If you put this directly on your action bar and try to activate it, you will get an error because the rest of the line beyond the 256th character will be cut off when the macro is saved.

What you can do is break up the long macro into smaller parts, and have them call each other, like so (where macro 1 is named Macro1): tags themselves, but type what is between them.

Using these as examples, you can add more keybinds by editing the file.

Backup this file before you install a new version of Super Macro.

When writing a macro, you will have something like this: where Attack can be replaced by the name of another macro. ***** * Item links You can get item links directly into a macro by using Alt-click on the item button.

You can also use Macro() in place of Run Macro() if you are close to 256 letter limit. 3 /use blazing wand /smuse blazing wand These two commands are equivalent. You can do this for container items, paperdoll items, bagslots, and tradeskills. To link tradeskills items, Alt-click on the skill in the top half of the frame, that is, where you would select the skill, or the icon.

You can use a macro to call other macros simply by providing the name of the other macro. You can change the color of this text with /supermacro printcolor where each red, green, and blue value is between 0 and 1.For instance, suppose you want a macro to attack and to cast a spell.You can make a macro with this body: Put the pet attack icon in the first slot on your pet action bar (should be there by default).Now, you can assign a keybind to tell your pet to attack, and you can call this macro when executing other macros.For example, we can change the above example to this: **** Super Macro lets your macros call other macros with the special function Run Macro(index) or Run Macro("name").

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