Speed dating event saskatoon

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Spend a little time on your appearance, too; you don’t have to look like you’re hitting the club for the night, but a clean shirt, fresh breath and tidy hair go a long way.FOCUS ON WHAT YOU LOVETalking about what you do for a living can be boring.

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More events may be hosted again at Positive Passions if there’s enough interest (just call to inquire: 306-651-7227).

"This way you're talking about other things is what makes you a human," she said.

"This is definitely more of who are you as a person…opening your mind to new ideas and new people." At the same time, Rederburg doesn't want would-be friend finders to get hung up on the idea of having deep conversations with strangers.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNTThere’s a bit of pressure during speed dating; as in life, making a positive first impression is important, so leave the negative attitude at home.

No one wants to hear about how much your ex sucked or that there’s no one to date in Saskatoon.

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