Sony ericsson problems updating my c902 software

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Kindly pls advice the market price to replace a new keypad...Hv done surveys & was told the price is around RM110-RM150. If you want to format your Memory card also then follow these steps 1. Enter Code 0000Note: This resetting will format your phone memory completely. --- Please remember to rate this answer for your ratings help me better serve you and the community of others like you needing help. You will now see the message: "Note: All content on memory card will be lost. To best fix this issue, you would need to contact your cellular provider so they can fix the settings on your phone with their network.i know this is not the latest firmware rite, as im totally noob about this firmware thingy.

If the same Sim card doesn't receive text messages using another handset, don't bother to change the settings or to make any changes with it, first call the customer care and verify from them, you may make mistakes instead of fixing it.

and to put salt on my wound, my keypad number '2' '3' 'arrow down' and the 'on/off' button sometimes not responding.

currently doing googling on how to update the firmware, or any gurus out there can point a step by step walkthrough, and is updating the firmware really gonna solve the problem?

This will definitely solve your problem if you have a good and stable internet connection ; C902 R3EF001 AO; Mega Bass to Clear Bass;megabass HZ(63.250.1000.4000.16000) to clearbass HZ(clearbass2.400.2500.6300.16000); Original idea by machao44;© blacklizard;(p) Mi Fa12075d31: 65712D62 1E5D071212075d3c: 65712D62 485D071212075d54: 65712D62 615D071212075d6e: 65712D62 7B5D0712My C902 hp's keypad isn't functioning properly lately, it shows no response when i press them!!

Thinking that it could be the keypad's problem, anyone of you have encountered this problem with C902?

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