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Some of the rituals were supposed to predict when and if they get married, other how their future husband will look like, etc.Note that being singe girl after 20 was a huge problem and shame for the family.Whoever picked the wreath was supposed to marry the girl who made it.I really wonder how this one worked out cause the wreaths unusually traveled quite far away. Andrew’s Day a girl went to knock on a chicken shelter (a place where you keep chickens at night) and ask if she is going to get married.Finally, we can talk about the actual wedding associated traditions and some kind of celebrations. It can happen that only a bride receives a ring, but usually a groom gets some kind of gift as well (ring, watch, necklace, etc.) Young groom officially asked parents of the girl for her hand and thanked them for taking care of her. Once everybody agrees, a young couple asks for blessings from both parents, bride’s and groom’s.

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They decorate the tree with long and colourful ribbons and build it up in front of the girl’s house. This was done every night before the first day of May. Feeling described by the word love hits everyone the same. When you are in love it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.However, our customs and traditions to express our feeling are bit different and unique. Rules between girls and guys, guys and guys or girls and girls got mixed up. Slovak love is the same like American, Turkish, Spanish, Eskimo or Swahili. It’s only the manifestation of your love that is based on your culture and background.

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