Skype adult chat member

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Heart (h) (H) (l) (L) Another romantic emoticon for you lovers out there – the heart can be sent to a boyfriend, girlfriend or even family members who need some loving! Mail (e) (m) Sometimes you can’t continue a chat and so you need to put it into an email – well this emoticon can help you pass the message on to your chat buddy!

Broken heart (u) (U) Has someone said something which completely rocked your world? Flower (f) (F) Want to give a gift to a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Want someone to know that they’re always on your mind? Rain (rain) (london) (st) I’m not sure why this emoticon can be shown by typing ‘london’, but still – it’s rainy in your chat box when you use this weather symbol!

Dull |( |-( |=( If someone is really boring you then send them the dull emote and let them know! Puke (puke) :& :-& :=& Some skype emoticons are really adult and naughty – including this one of someone vomiting on the screen! Use the DOH emotion to signify a really, really, really stupid person!Covered Laugh (giggle) (chuckle) This emote looks very polite – it’s someone laughing behind their hand! If you need time to consider something, there’s no better smilie that the thinking emoticon!If you just want to have a little chuckle to yourself, it’s the perfect icon! It will make people give you more time before they expect your answer!There are also a large number of hidden emoticons for Skype, as well as some secret emotes that they don’t tell you about in the software.Don’t worry, we’ve got all of them covered – just scroll down and you’ll see them! If you’re ever skyping with your boyfriend or best friends then you should send them this happy face!

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