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A team of researchers funded by the National Psoriasis Foundation may have found a missing puzzle piece that could fit all of the different parts of psoriasis together.It’s a protein called Rac1, and according to research from the same team, removing it from the picture by blocking it in the body might effectively treat the disease.Strep bacteria can also trigger Rac1 activation, Winge said.The bacteria can stimulate skin cells called keratinocytes so Rac1 springs into action the way it does for a skin wound.But it can also be triggered by a strep infection deep inside your throat.And even though you see it on your skin, your doctor might recommend treating it with pills or injections.The study, conducted from February 2014 to October 2018, was published in the journal Nature Communications last month.

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Researchers are hopeful that the new method will replace the older one in about five years' time.SGH sees an average of 200 burn patients each year, and 10 to 15 per cent of them have severe burns which need to be treated with cultured skin grafts grown from their own skin cells.So far, the new method has been shown to grow new skin as effectively as the older method when tested on mice, said Prof Tryggvason.Regulatory agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration have classified such cultured products as xenografts, which are approved only for treatment of severe burns, which cover more than 30 per cent of total body surface area.The new method, which uses laminin proteins LN-511 or LN-421, is also faster at growing new skin than the current method, said Dr Alvin Chua, deputy head of the Skin Bank Unit at SGH's Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

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