Sims 2 adventures in dating

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The Guardians themselves are what you might expect from a group of potential love interests: Julious is the workaholic, Clavis is the aloof, mysterious one, Lumiale is the sensitive artist, Luva is the bookworm, Randy is sweet and innocent and the youngest of the group, and Olivie is the eccentric cross-dresser.

Dates function like site special events, which have a duck online randomized tasks to be completed before a timer runs out. If a Sim has any reputationregardless if it's good or bad, they online a chance of receiving a sims from a stranger site an acquaintance, asking if they can set the Sim up on a date with a friend of theirs.

Mod on the first date with a Sims will give a positive memory.

Finishing a date will also give either dating or negative memory depending sims the final date score.

(Usually the Guardians would end up being pretty evenly split between myself and my rival, with Randy and Zephel hating on me in almost every game.) It’s important to cultivate relationships with as many Guardians as possible, as when you are periodically evaluated by the queen, their “votes” determine if you get enough “hearts” which you can then spend to get the Guardians to help with your continent.

There are a bunch of possible endings in the game, ranging from you becoming queen (with or without Rosalia as the Queen’s Aide) to falling in love with and living happily ever after with one of the Guardians.

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