Sexy women on wechat

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This will be a long education process that may take years, but in a space filled with scams and transient projects, I feel at peace knowing that I plan to be here long after the noise has died down and the “get rich quick” types have had their fill.

They can have their fun building mounds of cash, but I’m building the future.

Any given blockchain project can have 50 or more We Chat groups dedicated to it, each boasting 300 to 500 members who share and discuss every company announcement.

Attend any Chinese blockchain meetup, and you’ll come across perhaps eight women for every 100 attendees.

Despite China’s ban on crypto trading, there is a ravenous appetite for crypto wealth — traders have simply started placing their bets in Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. This get-rich-quick mentality makes it very difficult for serious blockchain advocates — especially females, who already have to fight for a voice — to cut through the noise and evangelize a longer-term (and much less sexy) message.

The regulatory crackdowns have done little to stifle the hundreds of scam crypto projects in China (many of them deployed overseas), while newly minted bitcoin millionaires — mostly male with no education or merits necessary — abound. As Carylyne Chan of Coin Market Cap writes in her fascinating and detailed account of Chinese crypto culture: “Scam cases…

But this has been a predominantly West-centric conversation, casting the spotlight on gender inequality and underrepresentation at Western crypto companies, Western blockchain conferences, and Western meetups. The top three cryptocurrencies by market cap launched in 2018 — Zilliqa, Ontology, and IOST — are all Chinese.

Thus far, news articles, Twitter threads, and Medium posts have largely neglected the diversity of female experiences in other parts of the world, such as China, South Korea and Japan, where the crypto space is equally — if not more — dynamic and growing. Despite banning ICOs and bringing bitcoin trading to a virtual standstill, in 2017, China was responsible for over half of the world’s blockchain-related patent applications — with the U. With such a strong Asian presence in the blockchain world, why do we rarely hear about Asian women in crypto?

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