Sexual chat lingo

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It’s good to know what these social media abbreviations mean so you know what your audience is saying and provide them with a relevant response if needed.

Some of these abbreviations are also used as hashtags, and you can take advantage of them for better visibility.

But it would look completely out of place if they tried calling their followers “fam” or calling their events “lit.” For example, companies like Canva may maintain a casual brand voice, but it doesn’t try too hard to use these popular social media abbreviations and slang.

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Here are a few best practices to help you use them right: Regardless of how well you know and understand social media language, you should use it only if it truly fits your brand voice.

Some of the more technical and business-specific acronyms would be a necessity for B2B companies and companies that want to maintain a professional voice.

Try not to force it if it doesn’t fit your brand voice or the situation.

But even if you’re not going to use a lot of slang yourself, understanding these popular social media acronyms will help you understand your audience and their replies better.

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