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An awful lot of people seem to be searching Google for "Yahoo." In fact, Yahoo is such a popular search term on Google that it even beats sex (not always, but the two are pretty close, with Yahoo taking the lead recently).

There are a few things that could contribute to this.

To chat with MSN, Yahoo & ICQ friends: SMS MM to 90686 Hang out, post, meet and chat with lots of cool guys and girls who share your interests!For a few days people posted fun comparison graphs online, and then plenty of people forgot about it.However, someone over at Network World kept playing and noticed something odd.Also you can notice in the images that every reply is at similar delay of 17 or 22 seconds after my message. I don’t live in an english country, local people suggests to not accept in our messenger lists people who speak (only) english.But personally I have this english worldwide-targeted website. Constructive critics are more appreciated than praises.

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