Ryan corr and gabrielle scollay dating

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We will be kept guessing until the final episode about just who will be successful in securing those highly coveted spots (one male one female) on the international pro-circuit.

Whatever the outcome, the group will all have grown as individuals and learned lessons about themselves that will leave them well prepared for the years ahead.

The next day in class the team are given an assignment on "the psychology of learning", where they must observe the process of someone learning a new skill.

The new recruits include bubbly Amy (Gabrielle Scollay), determined Brooke (Lesley Anne Mitchell), adventurous Rachel (Taryn Marler), confident Mike (James Sorenson), farm boy Corey (Trent Dalzell) and comedian Eric (Ryan Corr).

The Solar Blue girls are shocked, they think a beauty contest is old fashioned and sexist.

To keep Solar Blue from becoming social outcasts Corey comes up with an idea to keep everyone happy. With: Liz Burch as Jilly, Brooke Callaghan as Annette, Kyro Herbert as Male Student [Larry], Ashley Cheadle as Female Student, Don halbert as Mr Savin; Surfers: Holly Matthewson Note: Ashley Cheadle, the heckling female student, is also the surfing double for Lesley Anne Mitchell (Brooke) Aus: August 30, 2006 Written by John Armstrong Directed by Ralph Strasser While at a surf club dance Mike reveals he can't dance.

With: Liz Burch as Jilly, Sharney Mullally as Nell, Vanessa Steele as Surf Judge; Surfers: Lyndsay Noyes, Ashley Cheadle, Holly Matthreson, Ben Hamilton Aus: September 20, 2006 Written by Kristen Dunphy Directed by Chris Martin-Jones There is trouble on Blue Water Beach when a group of local boys continually taunt the Solar Blue team whilst training.

The leader of the group, Troy, wants Solar Blue off the beach.

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