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Caris is the daughter of Ryle's mentor and teacher, Brad Burnfist.

A good fighter in her own right, Caris is attracted to Ryle, but is often annoyed by his over-confidence or attitude.

She's a wind mage, and can also use powerful ice-based attacks.

Later on, she can unlock Elementals, small magical creatures who help her gain other forms of attack. Because of her tragic past, she tends to keep to herself and avoid close friendships, though Orubia, and later Ryle, are able to get through to her.

She's the team's best healer, and can also use water- and "holy"-based attacks.

She is in love with Ryle, though he doesn't quite register this, and tends to become tearful when there is a chance of Ryle's leaving her.

She joins Ryle in his adventures from the beginning of the story.

He lives in the small village of Lavas, and dreams of setting out on a life of adventure as a swordsman.

However, he is a loyal friend, a brave fighter, and is always willing to put the well-being of those he cares for ahead of his own.

Depending on his choices, he can end up with any of the seven girls in the game.

Her father, Zamus Aquary, is a merchant; according to the author's notes, her mother was a "mysterious dark-haired lady" named Tia.

Orubia herself dreams of being accepted in the Mage Academy, and is training to be a priestess.

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