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Hayden said that the allegations are false and were made in retaliation by a vengeful ex-girlfriend, the 12-year-old girl's mother.Hayden was additionally accused of aggravated rape by his oldest daughter.In September 2011, Jupiter Entertainment, the Sons of Guns production company, made the evening news when its staff member, on the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, parked a rental truck, containing automatic weapons and pyrotechnics, outside the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport while waiting for a colleague.Part of Terminal B was closed for several hours while the FBI investigated but found no wrongdoing.

In a WBRZ article, Attorney Craig Davidson, Jr., said that 10 guns did not go missing from the shop.

She told police that she was raped 22 years before when she was 12 by her father, Hayden.

She came forward after the allegations were made against Hayden.

Hayden was represented by a public defender at a later court date.

On May 11, 2017, Hayden was sentenced to two life sentences (mandatory for aggravated rape), to run concurrently, plus 40 years, to run consecutively, in prison.

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