Reality dating teens

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Even though MTV shows the harsh realities of raising a child in high school, I believe most teens’ perceptions are clouded by the constant publicity and interest that these girls receive.While some girls decide not to have babies as teenagers, some might see having a baby as less of a mistake, and more of an opportunity to be on TV.I kept noticing more and more deeply problematic, regressive ideologies packaged on reality TV as if they were a reflection of just who we happen to be as Americans today.– Jennifer Pozner, media critic and journalist In early 2003, Elyse Sewell was a relatively anonymous 20-year-old research assistant at a biology lab.

Today, when a teen becomes pregnant, instead of running to her room to hide, she might run to cameras with hopes of becoming the next television star.

They are followed by MTV’s cameras to watch their everyday lives.

The show educates teens about being a teenage parent, while still being entertaining.

Stories like this (although few) prove that making celebrities out of MTV teen moms is a huge mistake.

As media consumers, we can’t just accept any information we see on TV and read in magazines as good information.

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