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Instead, cite a few quirky interests or areas of depth or expertise that shape your personality. In your eagerness to present your best self, resist the urge to fib.Price suggests enlisting a friend to read the first draft of your profile and offer input. Many people lie about their age, weight and body shape, Price says.I’ve decided to focus most of my effort on coaching female players, like those creepy Russian guys who coach Olympic gymnastics, because with 1 or 2 exceptions, the female online-daters I have encountered are absofuckinglutely terrible at the game. BUT, here’s some thoughts from my side of things in the hope of improving your play as best I can.

While Price has no desire to marry again or live with anyone, she continues to enjoy dating. “Robert will always be my great love, but as he told me when he knew he was dying, ‘You have so much life in you.’ I had to learn to live fully again, and I knew he’d want that for me.” Now 74, Price is a writer and speaker on sex and aging.RULES OF THE GAMEThe only rule is that you get two strikes, and then you’re out, meaning the guy who was looking at your profile has moved on to the next profile without messaging you, or he’s received a message from you and has decided to ignore it. GAMEPLAYThere are 3 rounds in the online dating game: photos, bios, and messages.A strike might be a few lazy misspellings on your profile… Another example might be that you list “The Bachelor” as your favorite show. However, if in addition to liking an empty-headed reality show, you also have 16 pictures of you getting the inside of your mouth licked by the “love of your life” (otherwise known as a pitbull), or you’re wearing a fedora… In order to get your bio read, you have to have great pictures.Author of “Naked at Our Age” and other books, she lives in Sebastopol, Calif.While she embraced online dating with little hesitation, she acknowledges that some seniors prefer to find companions the old-fashioned way—by word-of-mouth.

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