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To go from effective to highly effective marriage communication skills, it's also important to stay respectful and remember men and women communicate differently.One problem many people have is that they bring communication skills from other situations into their marriage, assuming they will be effective.An example of a closed-ended question is: what do you do for a living?

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The main objective when you realize that you’re in front of and about to interact with someone that you’d be interested in is to get yourself relaxed and confident.

You may panic or not know what to do during the moments where there is no common ground, but your job is to be cool.

Remember, she’s not speaking on something that’s interesting to you either — the burden of proof isn’t completely in your hands.

The moment you find something that you both relate to, your next step is to let that be the driving force of then entire conversation.

When we are communicating regularly and when we are striving like we normally do with our social skills, we’re operating at a high level — we’re zipping through information that we can’t relate to confidently, we’re spending significant time on the topics we do have in common and we use that to carry us into the next topic where a common interest lies.

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