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Trust pure, wild experimentation to emerge from the fringe.

Beginning over the past weekend, following up on an idea she credits to friend Eren Russo, writer, visual artist and game maker Madam Luna spearheaded the Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Sim Game Jam, which encouraged game makers and hobbyists from all over the realm of the internet to use whatever tools they could get their hands on to make games about romance.

Though the deadline for the jam is technically passed, submissions are still being accepted.

The end result is charmingly chilled out and even a little mundane. If you’ve ever spent any substantial amount of time on the Internet, you can probably hazard a guess as to what they do. Also, it’s the Citizen Kane of games.) Disclaimer: RPS contributor and hero of the truest justice Porpentine created UOAHBAO, but it’s too interesting of an idea to not include.

The big moment of conflict fizzles pretty quickly, but – in spite of all the tree demons and bunnyclopses – it makes the whole tale feel grounded. It’s messy and awkward and desperately in need of alcohol for a bit, but things have a way of working out eventually. Christine Love (of Digital: A Love Story, Analogue: A Hate Story, etc fame) worked her brand of textual magic on this one, and it’s… You’re a magical girl (think Sailor Moon, but more modern) processing the aftermath of a, er, battle by text messaging a friend. In short, it’s a multiplayer Twine game about beauty taking on many multi-tendriled, eyeball-ridden, gelatinous forms and communication across the cavernous boundaries of culture, sans spoken language. LOUD AND DUMB AND ABOUT DATING WHILE UNDER CONSTANT ONSLAUGHT FROM THE SKREELAK MENACE.

Many known creators participated; prolific Anna Anthropy created a heartfelt Twine tale about meeting her partner over a game of Aegis Wing, Merritt Kopas shared a journey of self-discovery across several first dates in 1STDATEMEM.

EXE, and visual novelist Christine Love used interactive text messages to humorous effect as the interface for Japanese magical girl-inspired Magical Maiden Madison.

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