Pros and cons of dating a single mother

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As the sole parent in the household, you know exactly what needs to be done, and how to accomplish it.

With no spouse to negotiate or argue with over day-to-day responsibilities and expenditures, things get done more quickly and efficiently.

Male power is an illusion because it is granted to us by the female. Check your masculine pride at the door and acknowledge that truth.

But how much of that biological, primordial theory do you buy?

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Sometimes, one doesn't realize how tiresome it's been to continually have to nag a spouse to take out the garbage, until you no longer have to.

Knowing you, alone, are in charge can be quite liberating and empowering.

What the single parent says at home, goes, and there is no one around to contradict them. Not having to share time, money, the children on a daily basis, or information you do not wish to divulge results in less stress and can be life-changing if your former partner was controlling.

The game is not the same Most men are conditioned with the impulse to treat dating like a hunt, a topic for another article but pertinent to the one at hand.

In our subconscious, we connect to our primordial heritage via the modern ritual of seeking out a partner for life, or for tonight.

Single parents are also able to arrange the family schedule without consulting, or being concerned with, the other parent.

Often, single parents are more relaxed with their children because of this.

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