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Since one of the recent updates, the Apple Podcasts app has become hot shit and a nightmare to navigate. Every NPR podcast has a little error exclamation mark next to it when I try to download. However, there are a couple of public wifi networks i frequent (e.g.Happening with car talk, ask me another, wait wait, and planet money. I only jsut realized that all of the errors are on NPR podcasts only. After doing some detective work, when I open the "file" information, each of the podcast episodes that are not downloading have a ? my local train station) that reliably allow me to download from NPR and other podcast feeds for which warnings say certificates are invalid. The first and probably biggest reason is that Apple likes to change things up on us as far as their specifications go related to your all-important RSS feed (the RSS feed is the heartbeat of your podcast).They were not super-diligent on updating the public about these changes, until now.Market Wrap and Evening Show (5pm-9pm): for the first and last hour of the evening, our round-up of the day's financial action: then politics and economics, entrepreneurship and entertainment with some fantastic interviews thrown in-- Weekends -- Share Saturday (9am-5pm): we take a holistic view of family finances on Saturday morning with Sarah Pennells, the well-known personal finance journalist and broadcaster who runs the Savvy Woman website.Saturday afternoons are for exploring interesting businesses in the company of Linda Lewis, hearing about new travel destinations and Sue Dougan’s musical profiles of well-known personalities on Track Record.

Sunday afternoon includes Questions of Faith, ‘Shop Floor’ and from 6pm to 8pm Share Politics keeping you up to date with events in Westminster.The only place they appear is in a new "Podcasts" playlist, which isn't much use to me for keeping track of episodes and subscriptions. :-/ Once you have podcasts showing, using the dropdown upper right, if you switch to list view (weirdly located as one of 3 options in center of entire window, under "progress bar"), if you then click the twirl-down arrow for a podcast, a big gray arrow will automatically show if there are un-dowloaded episodes of that podcast.Click that, and a window will ask you if you want to download all episodes, which obviously you do.If you wish to change this setting only for specific podcasts, you can do so by selecting the specific podcast in the "Settings for:" dropdown and/or by changing the defaults.Visit Stack Exchange Ok, unless I'm missing something, I can't see my podcasts anymore?

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