Platinum dating software

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"I chose Platinum as it had the option to purchase outright, it was very simple to use, there was easy data entry as the staff at the time were not computer literate.It was straightforward to use and the screen looked just as the book did.Mission critical 4-hour repair for HW components does not include SW configuration.

If the Platinum Member does not give such notice, its term will automatically terminate upon December 31 of such year.

(b) Any director may make a motion to terminate a Platinum Member for breach of the Platinum Member Agreement and provide reasonable detail on the nature of the breach.

If the breach is not cured within the period provided in the Platinum Member Agreement, the Board of Directors shall vote on termination of the Platinum Member.

So often, software is purchased and you are left to "get on with it" - that is not the case with Platinum; there is always someone there to help." "We still use the system which was installed about 5 years ago and has been running successfully ever since.

I have found it an excellent tool for reporting, accounting, database and much, much more.

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