Onupdating ajax

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There are multiple ways to do this: The majority of the controls in the ASP. Visual Web Developer provides additional designer features for working with extender controls.

For example, if you add a standard Text Box control to the Designer, an Add Extender link will appear in the Common Text Box Tasks dialog box.

Always Visible Control—The Always Visible Control enables you to display content that is fixed at one location in the browser window even when you scroll the window.

The technique of hiding and showing the image also remains the same as we had discussed in Method 1.

The entire source code and mark up is as shown below: Well those were the three different methods of displaying progress to the user while the Update Panel updates its contents.

If you click the Add Extender link, a dialog box appears that enables you to pick an extender that can be applied to the Text Box control (see Figure 32.3). For example, because you can apply a Confirm Button extender to a Button control but not a Text Box control, the Confirm Button extender only appears when you click Add Extender for the Button control.

Accordion—The Accordion control enables you to create a Microsoft Outlook–like expanding and collapsing menu.

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