Omarion dating jennifer man

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Along with that, his other show, “I married a Baller,” featured Eddie George and his wife Tamara George.

Once the show aired on TV One in the April of 2007, it became a huge success and an encouragement for him as well.

Now, this could be a publicity stunt seeing as though this how reality tv seems to work these days. However, Claudia and Datari were briefly married and ended up getting their nuptials annulled.

He has a list of relationships and although these being official ones, we don’t know exactly the number of females he has dated.

His first affair was with American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino.

But, Claudia was trying to get her teeth on Porsha’s ex in her face, so I don’t understand why Claudia claims to be upset over a man she isn’t married to anymore?

Or maybe Claudia is still f$cking him and she is a bit jealous because he is also f$cking Jennifer?

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