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She is very beautiful and she blows my mind about a hundred times a day."It's a new level of tiredness that I've never experienced. In a way I've been in training for this moment all my life." Following his initial TV success, Noel Fielding teamed up with Julian Barratt to create, write and star in their own show.

"It’s a cute name and really suits the tot." Speaking about his daughter on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2018, the presenter said: "I don't know how that happened, look at my pointy visage.

Meanwhile, Paul Hollywood is said to earn £400,000 a series, after getting less than £100,000 a year at the BBC.

As well as working with Richard Ayoade in The Mighty Boosh, the pair both starred in The IT Crowd.

Just like in his stand-up routines, Noel played a whole host of different characters in the surreal comedy The Mighty Boosh.

Some of his humorous alter-egos were flamboyant zookeeper Vince Noir, a cockney hitch-hiker called The Hitcher and hermaphroditic merman Old Gregg.

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