Mums and dads dating

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‘I’m pregnant, but it’s not yours,’ probably isn’t a phrase you want to hear from a girlfriend.

He insisted it wouldn’t change things, but our relationship fizzled out a few weeks later.

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But I needed the confidence boost online flirting provided.I want some adult company and someone to stave off the loneliness that comes with solo parenting a toddler.I was 24 when I realised I was pregnant from a very casual fling with a man who was quick to vanish when I told him. But while I could cope with my changing body and knowing life would never be the same, it was the thought that adult intimacy would be suspended indefinitely that scared me most. It started badly when I found out I was two months pregnant and had to break it to the guy I’d been seeing for a month.‘Well, I suppose we’ve all got skeletons in our closet – I’ve got Crohn’s disease,’ he said. One I was seeing refused to let me meet his daughter as our relationship was ‘too new’ – after a year. I bumped into them on the Tube one day and he blanked me.My rule is that Freddy can meet men I’m with if I introduce them as friends.

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