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The photographs of women on these sites Because the agency wants as many men to write as possible they insist the woman has professional photos taken by them.Those photos are uploaded to the dating website with her permission.Moldovan women who want to marry American man are normal human beings, who want to live in normal country with normal social standards, where you work and get enough to feed the family, buy clothes, pay the bills and send children to school.Of then on the Internet guys from Apennines are looking is it truth that Moldovan girls like Italians.And do not make a tragedy from the fact that woman has stronger character than you if it does not make you any problems except for this fact itself and you happily live together.Leave the situation as it is and live happily ever after with your Moldovan woman if you both lived together for long time and everything was alright until now when you suddenly realized it or someone helped you to realize it.

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To sum up, Moldovan women are more dependent in general and are dependent on husband, society, kids etc. Western women are free and decide for themselves what they need, including whether they need a husband or no.

To my mind it is very basely for normal man to use the poverty of pretty woman and buy her for money, especially when this woman is in need and has thirsty and hungry kids.

Average salary in Moldova is 0 and average salary in Italia is about 2700 Euro. Almost every Italian could visit Moldova and live there like a king. Of course, until there are women in Moldova who are waiting for rich foreigner, they would visit this country and both get what they need.

Yes, and the reason for this life is very hard in Moldova; country is the poorest in the whole Europe and it is very hard to survive even if you are well educated and work day and night.

One more reason of Moldovan women’s willing to escape to the US is their local men.

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