Mold design validating

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PLM solutions are highly customized and complex to implement, often requiring a complete replacement of existing technology.

Our expertise in CAE (computer aided engineering) in conjunction with the experience of hundreds of molded products provides a valuable link to reach the goal of producing quality products at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

Our goal is to help clients and designers improve the design before fabricating tools to lower the cost.

Understanding the manufacturability of an injection mold design is crucial to minimizing production costs and maximizing production throughout.

Apply Ampco, Moldmax, and Beryllium Copper for better cooling.

01/1.2510 cold work steel for Gibs and Wear Plates. HASCO Raburdine Staubli Mold Master DME Futaba Strack-Norma Incoe LKM YUDO THEMOPLAY ◆ Pro/ENGINEER ◆ Solid Works ◆ Auto CAD ◆ Mold Flow Mold Part Advisor ◆ Master CAM ◆ Unigraphics ◆ Cimatron NC ◆ Surfcam ◆ Powermill ◆ CATIA We provide product design service.

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