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In "The Zit," Jordan says to Brian that if he doesn't start turning in homework, he'll get put back in remedial English.

He asks Brian for help claiming that he sick of being treated like dirt in remedial classes.

After getting to know him more, Angela theorizes his lack of scholastic achievement is because he may be dyslexic. He smokes cigarettes and often puts Visine in his eyes. He used to get a beating from his father before he fought back and threw a chair at him. Jordan sings, plays guitar, and writes songs for The Frozen Embryos. Jordan Catalano is seemingly shy and tends to not talk a lot.

He is later diagnosed as a rudimentary reader with low literacy skills, partly because Angela signed him up for peer tutoring. He is often made uncomfortable by deep conversation and English homework.

Jordan begins rehearsing with his band, The Frozen Embryos, in "Why Jordan Can't Read." He unintentionally leads Angela to believe his song, "Red," is about her despite being about his car.

The band suffers a big blow when Tino quits the band in "On the Wagon" and briefly hires Rayanne as lead singer against Jordan's wishes.

Jordan often expresses that he's rather annoyed and discontent with the repetitive nature of his life.

Instead of admitting to his teachers and peers that he has difficulty, he projects an attitude that he doesn't care about his lack of achievement or how others feel, specifically Angela.Jordan's signature accessory is a black choker necklace which is present in every episode.Jordan's learning disability is first hinted at in "Dancing in the Dark" when Brian notices the birth date on Angela's fake ID is backwards.In "Resolutions," Angela signs him up for peer tutoring after he refuses to keep allowing her to do his homework for him.While being tutored by Brian, he is finally diagnosed as a rudimentary reader with low literacy skills.

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