Liquor revenue stamp dating

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US bottles used the imperial system until 1980 (pint, quart, gallon, 4/5 quart, etc.).Starting January 1, 1980 all bottles were required to use metric measurements (750ml, 1 liter, etc.).– Prior to 1977, the strips referenced the Department of Revenue.Below is an example of a 1961-1977 style strip (click to enlarge).– In 1982 the words “Tax Paid” and “Distilled Spirits” were removed and replaced with simply “Distilled” and “Spirits” on the bottom of the strips.

Also of note: the bottled in bond code was only enforceable in USA, so it’s common to see export bottles marked as bonded that are less than 100 proof.

The green Bottled in Bond strips were discontinued starting December 1, 1982.

Below is an example of a bonded tax strip (click to enlarge). – Starting in 1945, the words “Series” and “111” appear below the eagle in the center of red strips.

If your bottle shows these words, it was probably bottled between 19.

However, some producers continued to use bottle molds with the warning for a few years after; bottles that display the warning have been seen up to 1970.

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